All of our founders were partners at elite global law firms and many led major practice groups at those firms. Some have Served as general counsel for companies and financial institutions.


Elite 2.0

As new technologies and new financial models transform the economy, you need a legal team that can innovate to help you execute. FLATIRON LAW GROUP LLP combines the traditional strengths of elite New York Law Firms with the nimbleness and industry savvy of the best Silicon Valley firms, the systems orientation of the Big 4 accounting firms and the latest secure cloud technologies to help get legal work done faster and better (and oh, by the way, less expensively too.)

New York has always been an innovation hub. With offices in Silicon Valley and the Research Triangle Park, now we’re connected to other innovation hubs around the country.

Flatiron founding partners formerly were partners at elite global law firms.

Think of us as Elite Law 2.0.