Success Stories


DEPCOM Power - a rising force in the solar industry. DEPCOM is one of the fastest growing solar companies focusing on PV Solar EPC and O&M, providing experienced, turnkey development support services & engineering solutions for utility scale solar projects across the United States. Founded in 2013, the company has grown steadily with several hundred million in gross revenue in 2016. Our attorneys have been there every step of the way! From the founder’s living room in October 2013 until today, we advise the company in connection with all of its most important strategic transactions, including rolling out its restricted stock program for the founder team, establishing its stock option plan, raising four rounds of venture capital financing, implementing a private stock buy- back program for existing investors and establishing a complex joint venture relationship with its largest customer to jointly develop solar projects.

MAP Pharmaceuticals - a job well done! MAP Pharmaceuticals, a developer of experimental treatments for migraine headaches, was sold to Allergan in 2013 for nearly $1 billion. Greg Chin represented the investors in MAP’s Series B Preferred Stock financing in 2004, when the company had just a handful of employees and then began representing the company in 2005. He helped MAP close two additional rounds of venture capital financing, represented the company in its initial public offering, multiple follow- on securities offerings and SEC compliance matters, and advised the company through multiple acquisition discussions. These acquisition discussions ultimately culminated in MAP’s sale to Allergan for nearly $1 billion.

Anton Oilfield Services - achieving the client’s objectives and exceeding expectations! Mark Haddad and Sara Shen recently represented Anton Oilfield Services Group, a leading integrated oilfield service company headquartered in Beijing and listed on the main board of HKE in connection with a strategic joint venture in South America. Original drafts provided by counsel to the other party (one of the 5 largest global firms) did not reflect the understanding of our client. We negotiated the key terms, took control of the drafting and distributed an agreement that clarified the economics of the transactions contemplated, modified the financing provisions to conform to development bank requirements (and shifted the credit behind the transaction from our client to an SPV) and allocated sales, administration and other costs to the other party. Those changes resulted in substantially improved economics for our client and saved millions of dollars in transaction costs. The draft we provided was signed a week after distribution, with virtually no changes. Our fees were less than half the amount billed by opposing counsel.