M&A 2.0


Mergers and Acquisitions 2.0

Flatiron lawyers are M&A subject matter experts with decades of combined experience managing complex M&A transactions for buyers and sellers across all industries but with a particular focus on the technology, clean energy and life sciences sectors. At their prior firms, our lawyers handled high profile M&A deals, including the sale of MAP Pharmaceuticals to Allergan for nearly $1 billion and the sale of iBazar, a leading European e-commerce site, to eBay. We also have handled countless sales of businesses for entrepreneurs and founders of companies and for private equity funds and other buyers.. Our experience covers emerging growth, middle-market and larger complex transactions for multinational corporations.

At Flatiron, we are pioneering an innovative new way to provide complex M&A legal services, which we call M&A 2.0. Under our model, we outsource high labor, low value components of M&A (due diligence, 1st drafts) to lower cost providers under our supervision, leverage technology (precedent databases, electronic deal rooms and expert systems) and employ advanced business processes, so that our senior deal lawyers are focused on what matters most to the clients: deal structuring, complex drafting and negotiation. The result is M&A 2.0, a high value-added, competitively priced M&A service offering that focuses the value proposition on what matters most to the client at a fraction of the cost charged by the traditional law firms. Client Engagement Model

We have specialized experience in cross border M&A, joint ventures and strategic alliances and transactions and have handled matters aggregating billions of dollars in transaction value on a transnational basis, with particular expertise in Asia Pacific Region, including China. One of our partners is a native Mandarin speaker proficient on the laws, business customs and practices of China. Another partner led the Asia (x-Japan) Banking & Finance Practice for a top 10 global law firm, resident for a time in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Benefiting from the extensive international experience of our attorneys, Flatiron is well positioned to assist our clients in identifying potential overseas buyers, particularly Chinese institutional investors who have proven track record of high profile international acquisitions, including acquisitions of, or investments in US companies in media and entertainment, healthcare and medical technology and other sectors.

We advise our clients on every step in the M&A process, including the preparation of a letter of intent to establish a framework for the transaction, due diligence, preparation of the definitive documentation and closing. We also handle post-closing adjustments and can assist on integration issues.

From outset to conclusion of a transaction, we counsel clients on the corporate governance processes and legal requirements, and facilitate appropriate balancing of the interests of the shareholders, management, employees and other stakeholders. M&A 2.0 White Paper